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James Nyondo's Nasaf Party Vows to Serve Malawians with Diligent
Malawi Voice: March 15, 2013

James Nyondo's National Salvation Front Party (NASF) has declared that it is ready to serve the country by reaching out to all people without discrimination, saying everyone has a right to be respected.

The party's vice president Ethel Changa said this in an interview after a rally which the party organized in Ndirande, Blantyre.

Among other things, Changs said the party is ready to improve the education.

"We will also re-introduce handwork studies in primary school to give a chance to children to learn at an early age hand work that may help them to set their own businesses and workshops when they go out." Said Changa.

Changa said the party has goals to make Malawi a 'farm country' by providing new updated farm tools for farmers to use in farming such as ploughs, so that Malawi should be having high farm produce. Changa said this will happen with the help of people from the United States of America who will provide the farm machines.

Jane Manondo, NASAF's national campaign director commented that the party is ready to serve the nation and it's people by bringing in more developments.

She also added tht people should refrain from the spirit of handouts saying time has come for Malawians to concentrate on what the person is saying and not just looking for handouts.

"Malawians should refrain from the spirit of always expecting hand outs from political leaders. We shouldbe independent and help in developing our country." said Manondo.

The party is expected to launch its campaign at Chambe in Mulanje soon.

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What do these numbers have in common?

Absolute Integrity:
The Bridge to Your Destiny

Prayers of Jesus Christ

Absolute Integrity The Bridge to your Destiny by James Nyondo 

The vast majority of people trapped in the cycle of poverty live in Africa, south of the Sahara Desert. It is from this region that James Nyondo brings his unusual and innovative account of hope for the African people.

Why I am in the Race for the office of President
by James Nyondo
As one of the future leaders in the tribe, the perpetuation of our traditions and beliefs by me and other tribal leaders was of paramount importance. My world view changed when I became a Christian. From that time, it was no longer only my tribe but the whole nation of Malawi. Read More...

National Salvation Front Party (NASF)
Malawi Agriculture: Mechinisation and Commercialisation
Weekend Nation, Saturday, March 22, 2014 (Click for .pdf version)

Mechanisation of Malawi
I Will Transform Malawians from Being Political Actors to Economic Actors
Malawi Voice, February 15, 2014

President of National Salvation Front (NASF) James Mbowe Nyondo says once voted into power, his leadership will transform Malawian into economical actors andnot political ones.

Nyondo said this at Comesa when presenting his nomination papers to the Nalawi Electoral Commission.

Flanked by his running mate who acts as a secretary general of his party, Nyondo said Malawian were deformed in 1964 upon attainment of democracy into political animals.

James Nyondo: We Promise To Change That[/caption] " We promise to change this. We will transfer capital from Government to the people and make them economical actors," said Nyondo.

Nyondo said the danger with being a political actor is that peoples concentration is based on making others fail so as to create space for oneself.

"Political actors are driven by hate and jealousy which is workign to the disadvantage of the country," added Nyondo.

This is a second election for Nasaf to contes in the country.

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